Social Media: A Modern Driver for Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery procedures have been increasing over recent years as more people become keen to improve their image, and quicker, better, and safer procedures are developed. But there is another reason why certain cosmetic producers are seeing an increase: The proliferation of social media. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery carried out a poll in 2014, and the results suggest that social media, and in particular the rising popularity of selfies, have made people more keen to improve their image through surgery.

the selfie effect

The Selfie Effect

Posting selfies has been growing in popularity for a long time, to the stage where it has now become one of the most popular online activities. Selfies are so popular that we now even have the selfie stick, and some people are even making their livings by taking selfies. When people take selfies, they constantly see images of themselves online—usually alongside selfies of other people. These people may be glamorous celebrities with perfect bodies, but they may also be friends. This can affect how people feel about their own appearance, and it can sometimes create a desire to change aspects of how they look. We have long been influenced by images of people, whether on TV, in magazines, or in the movies. But people with "perfect" bodies have never been so visible than they are right now through the growth of social media. When we are constantly reminded of how we look—and how we compare to other people—this can influence our own desire to make changes to our appearance. And all this explains why some experienced surgeries like KR Plastic Surgery are now seeing a growth in the amount of people who reference selfies and social media when they come in for treatment.

First Impressions Count

It is not only the rise of selfies that is influencing behavior when it comes to cosmetic surgery: Professionals are also being influenced by the internet. What is the first thing an employer does now when screening a candidate for a job? Typically they will carry out a search for them online, and they might come across profiles on LinkedIn and other social networks. Professionals are well aware of this, and they may want to ensure that they look their best wherever they appear to make a positive first impression.

Common Surgical Procedures

A whole range of surgical procedures are becoming more popular for people who are being influenced by social media activity. Because of the nature of selfies, these procedures are often focused more on the face and the upper body. Classic treatments like rhinoplasties, facelifts, and eyelid lifts are often popular. Another procedure that is growing in popularity is the upper arm lift, which removes excess skin on the back of the arms. In addition to these, non-surgical treatments like Botox are also popular because they are quicker and cheaper.

Don't Trust in Selfies Alone

One of the potential issues to be aware of is that selfies alone should not be used to determine how you really look to other people. Often, people do not get an accurate image of themselves in their selfies because the photos are shot at arm's length and not in ideal conditions. This is why some surgeons will take better quality photos of people who mention selfies when seeking surgical procedures. By taking better photos, they can show people how they really look. You may not need surgery to make yourself look better in photos, and instead you may just need to turn at a certain angle. You could also experiment with using filter apps on your smartphone to make changes to how you look in your photos. There are many such apps that are available and can do this for you with ease, and it certainly makes for a simpler option than surgery. Taking selfies in better light conditions and with a better quality camera can also help to improve results rather than resorting to surgery when it is not necessary.

talk to an experienced plastic surgeon

Talk to an Experienced Plastic Surgeon

Whatever the reason why you want to make changes to your appearance, always speak to an experienced surgeon before making any decisions. Don't feel pressured into going ahead with any procedures, and don't be surprised if your surgeon recommends that you don't have surgery at all. Plastic surgery can be a great way to enhance your appearance in a subtle way, but don't let yourself be too influenced by the rise in social media and selfies, and always consider other cheaper alternatives first. Dr Kevin Ruhge is an experienced and respected Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon. He is committed to patient care and enjoys the chance to share his views and insights online. He has already written a number of posts relating to cosmetic surgery of the breast, body and face. Do you take selfies? Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery to enhance your appearance? Do you follow us on Instagram? BodyRock-Snapcode_rz314

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