Could Social Media Be A Cause of Depression?

Social media has changed a lot about the way we live and view life. We often portray ourselves on social media in an ideal form. We pressure ourselves to capture the best moments on camera, and pull a curtain over the seemingly less attractive parts of our lives.

Depression is often very subtle to detect by others, and most people you meet who suffer from it aren't avidly displaying it. It is common for depressed people to put a happy face on around others, and with that happy face comes pressure to maintain it.

With social media thoroughly integrated into our lives, the expectations for us to wear, tweet or text that happy face are mounting. You may take a selfie at the gym with a beaming smile after you just smashed your workout, but you would never post yourself exhausted and defeated that your workout didn't go so well. Your followers expect the best from you. At all times.

This mounting pressure sometimes boils over for some people. You may see a rant on Facebook from a friend who's had a horrible week and think, "Facebook isn't a diary, why can't they keep their thoughts to themselves?" We are quick to judge those who break.

The biggest truth about social media, is that everyone else we think has the perfect life, is only showing us their highlight reel as well. The friend with the hot bikini bod sipping margaritas in her profile pic? She has anxiety. And the celeb who just took a flawless morning #nomakeup selfie? She was terrified to post that because she fears hurtful comments.

So unplug, relax, and remember that social media is only a part of the big picture. Share with us your tricks to unplug from social in order to take the pressure off!


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