Why Society Needs to Stop Telling Women They "Need" Makeup

From beauty gurus on Youtube to the barrage of celebs like Kim Kardashian who contour and false eyelash to get a "gorgeous" look...makeup is projected onto girls as just part of being female. Not that there is anything wrong with wearing makeup. I admire the artistry of cosmetics experts who can create dazzling masterpieces out of their faces. It does truly take talent! But whether or not makeup is your "thing" really shouldn't matter. We now see women who choose to "bare" their "naked" faces as gutsy. Like they are some sort of superheroes! How does she have the confidence to show how her face really looks? And on a magazine cover?! While women who love makeup are often seen as looking to alter their natural appearance. They are looked upon as having poor self esteem and are hiding behind their mascara and concealer. Then comes in the strange implications that men want a woman who has natural beauty, and wouldn't want a girl who likes to "cover up". It seems like no woman can win. Whether you love cosmetics and own a vanity of gorgeous products, or you simply like to face the world shower fresh and ready to go, it shouldn't matter. No one needs to wear makeup, and no one needs to not wear makeup. Society shouldn't judge you on your choices! I'm fascinated by makeup and love Sephora, but most days I choose a minimal routine. I'm confident enough in my own skin to like my face both ways. Nothing wrong with that! Do you love makeup? Do you love a bare faced look? Let us know your thoughts!

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Women that wear just too much makeup really belong in the circus with the other clowns.

Guest May 03, 2021

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