Sock It To Me

Alright, this blog topic involves a lot more preamble than is usual/probably necessary, so bear with me. The other day I was at the gym with my mum and got a killer blister on my heel. My mom, having just gotten back from a walking tour of Wales, where she walked about 10km every day for a week, was no stranger to blisters, and gave me these special blister bandaids, which I’m convinced are magic. Anyway, she then went on to talk about how I probably got the blister because my socks are too thin. At this point she exclaimed, “that could be a blog!” (this happens about three times a day, she’ll see a sign for Nike or read a statistic about squats and prattle on about how it could be a blog topic). She then continued to talk about the different kinds of socks you could get, how biking socks are more fun than running socks because they have fun colours, and then she came up with a bunch of puns (“sock it to me” “this blog will knock your socks off – then replace them with proper socks”). It went on far longer than any punning should, which is generally the way most of my family’s conversations go. SO – I ignored her, and went on with my day, but then my Greatist newsletter featured a story about BOMBAS running socks, and I thought, “ok, clearly the universe wants me to write about socks” – so here it is. sockit BOMBA is a sock company that have developed sports socks that are thin enough to stave off sweat, but still stand up to wear and tear, a blister tab to protect your heels, and honeycomb stitching to distribute pressure evenly across your arch. Here’s the best part: They’re like TOMS but for socks! The creators, David and Randy, learned that socks are the most highly requested item at homeless shelters, so they donate a pair of socks for every pair that they sell. Through indiegogo funding, they reached their goal of $15,000, and then surpassed it – reaching a total of $142,488.00 – that’s a lot of socks.

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