Sometimes Today ISN'T the Day

As my alarm went off at 4:45am, I awoke to a pungent familiar smell. Baby urine! My eyes opened to a sopping wet diaper in my face. Meanwhile at the other end, my 100lb Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy's head was buried under my rear. My daughter was crying in her sleep and the dog was snoring louder than my husband! I looked over at my love in our kind sized bed - sleeping ever so peacfully. I wanted to slap him!  Truthfully, I was not mad at him,  but in that moment, I was  so annoyed and dog-tired, and I wanted someone to PAY!
Hearing the alarm, he serenely rolled over and asked "You going to go workout?"
Are you kidding me? I hadn't slept well all night. Exhausted and grouchy, I pushed everyone over and hit the alarm. Back to sleep.
The next thing I knew, my oldest daughter was asking for a snack. I jumped out of bed, realizing I had over slept and had to rush to get everyone ready and out the door for the school that my kids attend and (I teach at) once a week. That's right ONCE a week. I was running around like a mad woman, yet still trying to remain composed, using my sweet “Little House on the Prairie” voice, so as not to upset my children. It was then that I noticed my dog was missing.
I raced outside, spotting him galloping down the road. I could see the playfulness in his eyes as he ignored my commands to "come." I came back inside praying my kids would be dressed.
Oh, and they were. One of them was dressed in what looked like a clown costume. When I told her she couldn't wear that she asked, "Why?" I mistakenly told her she looked ridiculous. Then the tears. The tears fell like Yosemite Falls. You know in a nursery when one kid starts to cry they all join in? Yeah, it’s like that.
Meanwhile, my youngest daughter was busy taking off and throwing her shoes and socks in the trash can. My son was panicking at the table because he wanted to finish his drawing of the Sonoran dessert for his upcoming presentation. Oh, and crap! I still had to feed these children and don't forget - hunt down the dog!
Problem solving kicked in. My son had leftover mac and cheese. My two older daughters had yogurt and saltine crackers. My youngest, well I think she had a few raisins with her milk. Then something else kicked in, my stomach started rumbling and I was stuck in the bathroom.
I was not moving. Dog down the road, kids half dressed, crying, and eating - at least they were eating. By the time I was able to to emerge from the bathroom, my two older had managed to get my two younger children calmed and dressed. My dog had made his way home. I, of course was still in my pj's. So, with 10 minutes to departure, I put my dirty hair in a knot, threw on some jeans, a tee and flip flops. I grabbed a yogurt and a diet coke (don’t judge me), and hit the road.
As we were driving, the children started singing. In all honesty, I was somewhere in a daze of exhaustion and happiness.
I would love to tell you that I woke up at 4:45, had a great workout, ate, and fed my kids a clean, healthy breakfast. But in all honesty, that doesn't always happen.
I had survived the day.  After I put the kids to bed, I went into the bathroom and did some push-ups, sit-ups, and wall sits.  I took a long shower, and finally relaxed.
So often on my website, I tell people, "Today is the day!", and "No more excuses!".  Well, today I learned that sometimes, “Today isn't the day”, and “Sometimes you do have an excuse”. But even in the midst of chaos, we all worked together, and got back on track.  The children showed charity and grace to me and to each other. In all honesty, that’s what really matters.

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