Is It Too Soon To Sext Him? The Guide To Racy Pics and Sexy Texts

One press of the send button can, well, send your relationship into a new realm of steaminess. But when is too soon to get naughty over text message? A must-read for anyone considering getting racy: we break down the rules of when to sext, and what to sext.

When It's Safe to Sext:

After You've Had Sex  Sex signifies more intimacy and trust in a relationship than you have when you are still anticipating doing the deed. Wait until you've actually seen each other naked before you pop up with an exposed selfie. That way, it's not awkward. After 5 Dates  Knowing someone takes time, so make sure you understand that your guy will be totally comfortable with sexting. Surprisingly, not every dude gets turned on by sexts or feels comfortable with them.

When It's Not Safe to Sext:

When You're Lying If you're not actually planning to follow through with that sexy suggestion you just typed, then don't hit Send. Make sure it's your personality coming through over messages, and not a dirtier- than-you later ego. When You Don't Trust Him  If you've got anxiety sending something that you're not sure he'll keep private, then don't do it. Naked photos and sultry messages can seem like a good idea at the moment, but if you're worried they will get into the wrong hands then they are not worth it.   Not sure what to say? Here are some steamy examples to get you into the sexting mood: Drop a naughty hint without giving too much away. "I can't stop thinking about you." "I'm about to take a hot shower, I wish you were here to join me." Build tension without getting into anything too graphic. "Guess what I'm thinking? OK I'll give you a hint. It involves my tongue and you, naked." After you've built up a good back and forth, you can send him a picture (leaving your face out, of course) just to add to the teasing. Share your sexting secrets (or awkward stories) with us! Happy sexting!

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