Spent Your Weekend Indulging? Here's What You Should Be Doing To Get Back On Track

It happens to the best of us. The weekend rolls around, you have a little fun and maybe do some things you shouldn't do. And while Monday is the start of a whole new week, you may be feeling a little guilty about driving your body into a ditch. Drinking and eating too much can leave you feeling sluggish and confused about what you can do to make it right. Don't worry, we're here to help! First, here are some things you should definitely avoid doing: Skipping meals: We know it seems like a good solution when you've spent your weekend elbow deep in a basket of fries, but the truth is, skipping meals isn't a good idea. Skipping meals will only confuse your system even more and may even slow down your metabolism while activating your stress hormones. And you know what that means? More fat. Juice cleanse:  These cleanses are held up as being something you can do to quickly detox our body from your weekend of indulgences. But, your body already has a built in detox system and it cannot work any faster than it already is! Your liver has everything under control, we promise! Now, on to what you SHOULD do: Drink water: First thing in the morning, down a big glass of water. Add a little lemon if you wish to perk it up a little and stimulate your digestion. Make sure that you are drinking more water during the day because your salt and sugar intake over the weekend has likely left your body very dehydrated. Make sure you have water with every meal and carry a bottle around with you so you remember to drink. [bctt tweet="Spent Your Weekend Indulging? Here's What You Should Be Doing To Get Back On Track"] Eat breakfast: You may not feel much like eating and think skipping this meal is smart, but, as mentioned above, it isn't. Get yourself right back on track with a healthy breakfast. Don't just grab something on the go, put a little thought into it. The best way to alleviate your weekend party guilt, is to do something good for your body! Make yourself a breakfast that includes both protein and fiber. Scramble up some eggs with some added veggies like spinach or kale, maybe some peppers and a nice cup of green tea. If you are feeling like you want to be more creative than that, check out these amazing breakfast sandwiches! inpost Exercise: You may be tempted to skip your workouts for a few days, at least until you are feeling more like yourself, but you really need to get right back into it. If you wait, it will be far more difficult to start up again. Seriously, though, don't you feel so much better after you've worked out? If you are desperately in need of a fun, creative workout and a little encouragement, check out our real-time workouts with Jaqui and the DailyHiit show! You can sign up here by checking the workouts box. Remember, all exercises you see can be modified but if you still think it is a little advanced for you, no need to throw in the towel. We've got you covered, too! Check out the BodyRock Beginner Bootcamp Challenge. This challenge has everything you need to get started. It is equipment free and the workouts are only 10-12 minutes long! The best part is that both of these programs are absolutely free and delivered to your inbox each day! Smart lunch: Try to grab some protein and leafy greens at this meal. You should stay away from refined carbohydrates as they will only make you feel worse by spiking your blood sugar and leading to that horrible, inevitable, energy crash. The protein will help you recover and provide some energy while the antioxidants and potassium found in the leafy greens will have you feeling better in no time. Add some fiber:  After a weekend binge, fiber is your friend. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potato and quiona. The fiber will help keep you feeling full in between meals and get your digestion back in gear. Remember, you are human. Going outside your healthy eating plan happens from time to time. Forgive yourself. Be kind to yourself and get right back to it. How do you get yourself back on track after a weekend of terrible eating?

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