Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jessica White Reveals She Orgasmed While Working Out!

The human body is a marvelous thing, on that we can all agree.  Treat it right, through diet and exercise, and you will be rewarded. We all know about the weight loss, muscle tone, health and fitness benefits to exercise but there are other, less obvious bonuses! 31-year-old model and actress, Jessica White, has recently shared her experience of one of these hidden benefits. She said: "I was doing these squats one time, and I was like, 'Oh my God, this is orgasmic.'  Maybe I was squeezing, and doing my kegels? I don’t know what it was, but I had to go to the bathroom... I did [have an orgasm] and that’s when I realized my body was bigger than me." Before you start brushing this off as something unique to White, Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., a sex therapist and author of  The Anatomy of Pleasure,  offers a scientific look at what may be happening.  "A lot of women require a buildup of tension in their legs before they can achieve the release of  orgasm," she said. "So, when a woman exercises, the release of endorphins and dopamine, which are necessary for orgasm, combined with the tension in the lower extremities, can cause the clitoral stimulation" needed for orgasm. [bctt tweet="Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jessica White Reveals She Orgasmed While Working Out!"] Joy Davidson Ph.D, author of Fearless Sex, takes a look at the phenomena from a fitness angle, saying that when these orgasms happen, "usually it's women who already have very strong pelvic muscles.  And when they’re doing certain exercises that are tapping into the deep core or into the quads and inner thighs, what they wind up doing is almost automatically squeezing pelvic muscles in addition.  When they squeeze hard enough, especially if they’re already fit, they can have what feels like a mini-orgasm." And the good news is, this experience is one that anyone can have. If you are suddenly feeling motivated to hit the gym a little harder, we don't blame you! As long as you are performing your exercises carefully and with proper form, there is no reason not to go after the big O while you are going after that bikini bod! Check out this step by step guide to achieving a "coregasm!" Have you witnessed or experienced an exercise-induced orgasm? Share your story with us! Source: Daily Mail, Men's Health

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