Sprint & Pyramid Circuit **WORKOUT**

One of the great things about the summer just around the corner, are all the gorgeous days we get to enjoy outdoors! Living on the east coast, this past winter was LONG and COLD. Despite the weather, I did all my training runs outside for the half marathon I just ran in May. As I mentioned in my last post about the benefits of sprinting, if you are looking for an amazing workout in less time, looking to better your speed in your timed races, or just plainly want to change the way your body looks from your training, you should give sprints a try! I created the below workout and have done it several times. I LOVE IT because it not only has sprints, but also a great bodyweight circuit that you can do outdoors. I go to the track to complete it, but it can easily be completed in your backyard or gym. If you don't have a track, but have a treadmill, you can do your sprints on your treadmill. Disclaimer: I am a certified personal trainer, wife and mother of three kids, NOT a track athlete! Please don't hate on my technique with sprints since I know it's not perfect! I am not claiming to know everything there is to know about track and field, but I love to run, and the track has been an integral part of my training, and also happens to be where I teach my boot camp classes! So I do know a thing or two about that! Make sure you hydrate throughout and take breaks as needed. After the run/sprint portion, head over to the bleachers or bench and start the pyramid circuit. DON'T throw out the stretching! Make sure you get your stretch on!


  • 2 lap (800 meter) comfortable jog around track to get warmed up
  • STRETCH. You really don't want to start sprinting without stretching
  • 4x 100 meter sprints. I would sprint 100 meters, and walk 100 back. Repeat this 4x total.
  • 2 lap comfortable jog around track
  • (BONUS-NOT MENTIONED/SHOWN IN VIDEO): 2 lap with sprints: sprint 100 meters, jog/walk 100 meters, sprint 100 meters, jog/walk 100 meters (repeat for 2 laps total).
(For advanced, if you wanted to challenge yourself some more, you can compete the pyramid circuit one more time at the end of the final 2-4 laps. Listen to your body though. Pushing yourself through the sprints and some of the leg work in the circuit first time around, can fatigue them pretty quick. Caution on some of those more plyometric moves.)

Pyramid Circuit

40 Sumo Squat jumps 30 Decline Push ups off bench 20 Dips (legs straight) 10 Box Bench Jumps 20 Alternate Side Lunges 30 Lateral Plank walk (on hands, feet on bench) **see below 40 Alternating Power Step ups on bench **This is an advanced move. If you are unfamiliar with it, please complete it on the ground first** Video demonstrates the entire workout and gives demonstrations of the pyramid work.  START AT 4:07 to go straight to circuit! Want to see more workouts and information on health and fitness? Check out my Facebook and my youtube page as well!  
 Photo Credit: Erin Simmons

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