Stacie Venagro Is 7 Months Pregnant And Still Rocking A Six-Pack!

Stacie Venagro is a personal trainer and fitness competitor whose recent Instagram posts have people talking. Venagro is 30 weeks into her first pregnancy and continues to look super fit. But her insistence that both she and the baby are perfectly healthy hasn't stopped people from weighing in and taking her to task. stacie5 Venargo has an impressive fitness track record. She is three-time  World Miss Fitness America Pro and winner of the 2014 Miss Fitness Universe competition.  It should come as  no surprise that Venagro has remained fit during her pregnancy. After consulting her doctor, she was told that she could continue to exercise and lift weights as long as she did not strain herself. stacie4 When it comes to her diet, Venargo was told by her doctor that she'd only needed an additional 200 calories a day so that's all she has changed. This allowed her to stay trim and lean. In fact, she didn't even really start to show until she was 20 weeks along! When it comes to her diet, Venargo says that she eats every 3 to 4 hours with meals consisting of things like  egg whites, Ezekiel toast, and spinach or,  a  cup of pasta e fagioli, chicken with green beans, and roasted potatoes. She eats all of these foods in reasonable portion sizes and treats herself to a little mousse cake for dessert. She says,  "even though my doctor told me I only need 200 extra calories a day ... I do have sweets. I have chocolate. It's all in moderation. I'm taking in healthy and unhealthy calories, in a moderate way." stacie2 Instagram haters have made an awful lot of assumptions about Vengaro and the size and health of her baby. Luckily, Vengaro is taking it all in stride. “They don’t bother me,” Vengaro says. “I know that the people making those comments don’t know anything about me so it’s OK. Everyone will have an opinion but only those who know me know who I am. That’s all that matters to me.” stacie Vengaro has an important message for expectant mothers: "Listening to the doctors and making sure you are on track is all you need," Venagro says. "Don't let someone else's negativity ruin your day or even stress you out during your own pregnancy." She goes on to acknowledge that every woman experiences pregnancy in a different way and that is more than okay. "One person may gain 15 pounds and the next may gain 100 pounds," she says. "Everyone is different. You can only compare yourself to who you were yesterday." stacie3 It is entirely obvious to us that Stacie Venagro lived a completely healthy lifestyle before her pregnancy and continues to do so now! What an amazing mom-to-be! Not only has Vengaro managed to keep her body healthy and fit, she's reminded us that we can't let other people slow us down. face9e57d97a801c60269e40f7365feb Forget the haters, be the best you possible -- no matter what it looks like! Remember, no two pregnancies are exactly alike. If you want to continue your workouts and your doctor gives you the go-ahead, there is no reason to stop. Always do what feels right to you and your growing baby. What do you think of Venagro's fit pregnancy journey? Were you able to keep your fitness routine relatively intact during your pregnancy or did you find yourself less active? Share your experiences with us! Source: PEOPLE, Cosmopolitan, SELF

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