Stand Your Ground: Why You Should Stop Tiptoeing Around Crazy B*tches

Being called "crazy" isn't really that bad. A crazy girl is free. She's sexy, wild, spontaneous and does whatever her liberated heart desires. There is a distinct difference between being a crazy girl and a crazy bitch. A crazy girl is fascinating and alluring while a crazy bitch unnerving, unpredictable and dangerous. Although the term gets tossed around freely, it is rare to come across a bonafide crazy bitch. When we do, we can feel it in our gut. She disrupts our energy field and fills us with dread. We retreat as soon as we can and hide ourselves away, girding our loins and covering our faces from possible attack. But why? What is it about these women that fill us with so much fear and anxiety?

We’re afraid she will call us out on our insecurities, when really she’s far more insecure.

We are always worried she's going to point to our flaws. Like she has some sort of super power that allows her to see those painful, lingering, issues from childhood and deliver a well timed and hurtful low blow that will leave us laid out out bare. When they look at us, they don't just look. They gaze deeply into the abyss of our souls. It is really an intuitive gift that she possesses but unfortunately, she uses it for evil. Why? Because drawing attention to your flaws prevents anyone from looking at hers. Crazy bitches are nothing more than bullies.

We are afraid she’s going to embarrass us, but she’s just embarrassing herself.

No one likes to be embarrassed in public and that is one of the reasons we shy away from the crazy bitch. If you're nice to her for a few seconds, she'll tell the everyone within earshot that you are the best of friends but if you ever challenge her, she might just kick your ass. Hard to say. It can be mortifying to have someone chew you out in public. But remember, she is only embarrassing herself with this unpredictable, dramatic, impossible to manage behaviour.

While we are kind, she doesn’t give a f*ck about how we feel.

While we throw her kindness, she throws us shade. We bestow her with delicate kindness because we have NO idea what she will do at any given moment. It doesn't seem to matter that her treatment of us renders her incapable of understanding the give and take required of true friendship. It is impossible for the crazy bitch to think of anyone other than herself. We spend all our time worrying about upsetting her delicately balanced apple cart when she couldn't give a hoot about our feelings. Catering to her and being so accommodating with our kindness is really just another form of disrespecting ourselves. She does it enough without us helping her along. Time to stop giving away more than we are willing to lose.

She’s looking for a connection because she’s disconnected

Crazy bitches are not born, they are made. Something happened somewhere along the way that disrupted her sense of emotional well being turning her into the disassociated, insecure, cruel person you see today. She has been broken by life. Maybe that is what compels us to be kind. Might we be picking up on her frailty just as she picks up on our insecurities? Scratch the surface of a crazy bitch and you can see that she's just acting out because she wants to feel something. Don't be afraid of the crazy bitch. Have the courage to look her straight in the eye. See her for who she actually is. Inside every crazy bitch is a crazy girl just looking to be set free. Help a sister out!

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