Standing Ab Workout

No one likes a muffin top, right? This move is perfect for getting rid of those love handles!

Standing Ab workout.

Start in a standing position with ONE dumbell in either hand. You'll want to use a lower amount of weight for this because we are trying to tone and slender this area not get real bulky! I use an 8 pound free weight. 3  to 8 pounds is the perfect amount.

The photo shows holding weights in both hands, I recommend just holding one so the side you work first gets the full effect of the weight.

In your starting position, with weight in hand and your arm straight down bend to the side until your finger tips are about at your knees and return to starting position. Do 20 reps on each side!

If your sore the next day, don't forget to stretch! Kneeling side bends are perfect to stretch these muscles!


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