13 Starbucks Hacks

13 Starbucks Hacks
If you're anything like me, you cannot get through the day without coffee. I realize this is an addiction and definitely not the best for my health...but let me lay it out for you: I'm a 5"2 celiac with moderate scoliosis who, until my diagnosis, would give my left arm for a double cheese pizza. I recently relocated to a place that is 3,000km from almost everyone I have ever known or loved and now live in a place that regularly snows in July and have to live without gluten, dairy and most alcohols for the rest of my life. I feel I have earned the right to drink multiple cups of coffee a day. If I drop dead at 40 because of my coffee consumption, then it's really not worth living anymore anyways. SO for any of you with a similar addiction (or just general love) to caffeine, this is my gift to you. According to this Quora thread, these Starbucks tips and tricks could save you money and get you a tastier drink.
According to this Quora thread , these Starbucks tips and tricks could save you money and get you a tastier drink. Keep reading!

1. “Iced teas are double-strength in pitcher and watered down for your final recipe. Ask for ‘no water’ for a much stronger (and, in my opinion, more effective) flavor.”

2. “Order a short cappuccino - it’s the closest they come to making a regular double-shot cappuccino that you’d get at a top-tier (Blue Bottle, Stumptown, Four Barrell, etc) coffee shop. Also, it’s reasonably cheap!”

3. “Try their oatmeal with a couple pumps of cinnamon dolce in it. Mmmmm.”

4. “If you find some drinks too hot, order your drink at ‘kids’ temperature.’ They will serve you a drink at 135 degrees that is way more pleasant to drink and get the full flavor of the coffee.”

13 Starbucks Hacks You Might Not Know

5. “If you’re looking for an iced latte, order a doppio over ice and then pour whichever milk you’d like into it by yourself.”

Editor’s note: This is kind of a douchebag thing to do and people will judge you.  

6. “If you like chai lattes but don’t like them super sweet, try this: order a hot tea with the chai teabags (tea is cheaper than coffee drinks at Starbucks) and ask them to add hot milk ($0.60).”

7. If they run out of Pumpkin Spice Latte at the end of the season and you really crave it, ask for one pump each of chai and white chocolate mocha.

8. “Chai lattes (hot) are made with hot water to even out the flavor. If you enjoy cinnamon/chai flavors, ask for a chai latte with no water. For even better flavor, ask for Soy.”

9. “You can get the restroom codes via Foursquare tips for most locations.”

10. “If you’d like a free cup of drip coffee, wait until they run out. If they take your order and are in the process of brewing a new batch, in most Starbucks the barista will apologize for making you wait and offer it to you on the house.”

11. “Try a half and half refresher. Cool lime and berry mixed together. Amazing!!!”

12. “An Americano is not much more costly than a regular coffee, but since it’s an espresso drink, tastes a lot better. And it’s cheaper than a latte — just add milk.”

13. “Gonna be hanging around for a while? Order a French Press of coffee. You get guaranteed fresh brewed coffee and you’ll get the whole Press to yourself at your table.”

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Original Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/13-starbucks-hacks-you-might-not-have-heard-before

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