Staring Into A Person's Eyes For 10 Minutes Induces Hallucinations

Can you really go on a trip to an altered state of consciousness by staring into someone's eyes? A psychologist in Italy asked 20 participants to stare into each other's eyes for 10 minutes. The participants had unexplained experiences once their time was up. Many said they had spiritual out of body trips, while others reported horrifying hallucinations. Some people saw their deceased love ones, and some saw their own faces in the faces of their partners. A lot of participants were frightened by visions of monsters. All of the participants were extensively screened prior to the experiment. They were then placed in a dimly lit room and put in pairs. The room had blank walls, with only chairs as furniture. After the visions and hallucinations had passed, every volunteer was given a questionnaire to fill out about their experience. On the questionnaires, the participants wrote they experienced memory loss, the seeing of distorted colours and found the ordeal the most life-changing thing that has ever happened to them. What these people describe is called 'neural adaptation', where your brains neurotransmitters are effected by lack of visual stimulation. Scenes begin to change without your control when you stare at the same object for too long. So, are you willing to give this a try? Source: Science Alert  

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