Stay at Home Moms forced into Workplace

I came across an from the Telegraph a few days ago that was chronicling the sharp increase of stay at home moms (SAHM) that have been forced back into the workplace.  Since 2011 the UK has seen over 200,000 being forced to reenter compared to only 189,000 between 1996-2011.  Two thirds of married British mothers with dependent children under the age of three are working.

What is so politically volatile about this issue is that David Cameron's conservative government had promised a "family friendly" government.  Which is exactly not what has been seen.  This trend is not applicable only to the UK.  With the economic crisis of the last few years more and more families are having to weigh the costs of childcare with potential earnings of the mother.

I'm a stay at home mom...and making that decision has been a sacrifice for my husband and I, but we feel that it is what is best for our daughter.  Giving her the best we can.  It's not always a feasible choice for so many families which is why the lack of support in Britain is rather worrying.  Aren't families our first priority...isn't that where stable and healthy members of society come from?

So perhaps this isn't the most...obvious issue for a fitness website...but it is in fact.  We find so much of our support in our families, mentally, physically, emotionally.  I am in no way advocating all mothers stay at home...only that government should do what it can to make sure that if a mother wants to...that they do what is in their power to help.

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