Stay Away From These 4 Foods to Avoid Lack of Energy Throughout the Work Day

Lack of energy seems to be a big concern for many of us. Having midday crashes is common, and constantly complaining about feeling fatigued for what seems to be no reason is a typical issue. But what if there were some things you could do to avoid feeling this way, like staying away from specific foods for instance? Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys dragging through the afternoon, you may want to listen up.
  1. A sugary breakfast
donuts While they seem to show up everywhere around breakfast time, from that friendly neighbour knocking on your door to the break room at your office, sugary items for breakfast like donuts are a no-no. While at first you may notice a sugar buzz due to a jump in your blood sugar, that rise is actually causing the part of your brain responsible for keeping you feeling alert and awake to shut down. 2. Energy drinks energy drink It seems that more people are walking around with energy drinks throughout the day than coffee these days. Maybe it's that tricky word "energy" that's tripping everyone up. But before you buy another can, know that energy drinks actually cause your blood sugar to drop, which in turn makes you feel fatigued, while the dehydration causes a sense of laziness. 3. Fried food fries Sometimes a side salad with your lunchtime sandwich just isn't cutting it and you opt for the fries instead. But the fats in fried foods make your digestive system work overtime, resulting in that sluggish, food coma feeling you get after eating. 4. Red meat red meat Steak on your salad? Beef for your burger? If these are lunchtimes staples of yours, perhaps think again. Your body simply can't process the high fats of red meat without your digestive system using up all your energy by increasing blood flow to your stomach. Do you consume any of these throughout the day? Source: Bustle

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