Stay Away From These 5 Foods Past Their Expiration Date

When we grocery shop, we have good intentions. We buy fresh, we buy organic, and we buy for the week in hopes that we opt for what's we've already spent money on as opposed to hitting up happy hour or ordering takeout. But sometimes our eyes are bigger than our mouths and we simply can't get through it all in the time we hoped for, or, truth be told, we did skip cooking at home for a fun night out with friends. But as your groceries get lonely, their lifespan depletes, and by the time you decide you're ready for that milk, you notice it's past its expiration date. But in times like these, it's good to remember what can actually be consumed past that number stamped onto its packaging, and what you absolutely should throw away. 1. Mixed Greens greens Greens go bad quickly, which is why you should make sure you're eating them consistently after purchase. An unopened bag of greens can last three to five days past its sell-by date. 2. Deli Meat deli meat Remember the word 'listeria' when it comes to deli meat. It's a bacteria that thrives in soil, water, and even in some animals, but it can also live in food processing plants, which is where  deli meat gets packaged. Unfortunately, this bacteria is capable of sustaining even in cold places like your fridge, therefore throw out opened deli meat three to five days after its been in there. Still haven't opened it? Throw it away after two weeks. 3. Fresh Berries berries Fresh berries can withstand up to three days in the refrigerator. Mold is the tell-all for when you've waited too long to consume these sweet treats, however. Want to delay the growth? Wash them right before consumption. 4. Eggs eggs The smell of a rotten egg is just gross ... and very apparent. But want to tell if an un-cracked egg has gone bad? Simply see if it floats in a bowl of cold water. If it surfaces at the top, it's gone bad. In general, remember not to keep eggs five weeks after purchasing them. 5. Raw Seafood seafood For fresh fish and shellfish, make sure to place in refrigerator and consume within two days of purchasing it. After that time, wrap it well and place in the freezer for up to six months. Have you been eating any of these foods past their expiration date?    

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