How To Stay Calm And Relaxed During Pregnancy

When I got pregnant, everything happened as it normally should. Every symptom, food aversion, and emotion, was all in line with the books. pregnancy-books I was even careful about who I told during the first trimester because I had heard that your chance for miscarriage drops dramatically after the 12th week. So, I chose to wait until Thanksgiving to tell my brothers and my father. You see, I would be just over three months and it would be so much better to tell them in person. And that was the plan... Until, on November 4th, less than a month before I was going to surprise my father with the news, I received a call from my mom. She told me that my father had been in a car accident and he hadn't made it. The first thing out of my mouth was "he didn't know I was pregnant". After my father's funeral, I was back at work full time...pressing on with my busy life. Then, without knowing why, my body started to shut down. I had the worst cold of my life. For nearly a month, I couldn't breathe and my head felt like it was swelling. I had to sleep sitting upright on the couch. There was so much pressure in my head that I could barely bend over. My husband kept waking me up to keep me from grinding my teeth at night and in the morning I would have a sore jaw. I stopped being able to concentrate on anything...conversations, meetings, television shows. [caption id="attachment_30651" align="alignnone" width="300"]During the month that I got the call about my father. During the month that I got the call about my father.[/caption] Yet no matter what, I was determined to just keep going. I was going to work just as hard as before I was pregnant, otherwise I might think too much. Then one day I came home and found that I was bleeding. I instantly called my doctor. By the end of the conversation she said something to me that I will never forget.
"You are working too hard and not letting yourself enjoy this pregnancy. After everything that has happened, be kind to you and the baby."
That day I got a call from my husband...he said he had just read something about pressure headaches and lack of sleep. So he suggested that I take the rest of the day off and try and sleep. After both my husband and the doctor's nudging, I finally agreed. When I got home, I laid on the couch. I don't even remember falling asleep. Four hours later, at 5:00, my husband walked in the door and woke me up. For the first time, I sat up and my pressure headache was gone. I decided from that moment on that I was going to take better care of myself. I couldn't keep going non-stop. So I learned these tricks for how to stay calm during pregnancy: 1.) Take baths! It takes the gravity off of your tummy and feet. woman-relaxing-in-bubble-bath1-378x335 2.) Let others take care of you. images-55 3.) When you are tired, sleep! Your body is doing so much and it needs a bit extra. [caption id="attachment_30652" align="alignnone" width="300"]I slept for four hours...some of the deepest sleep that I had, had in a while. I slept for four hours...some of the deepest sleep that I had, had in a while.[/caption] 4.) Cool washcloths on your feet! It helps with the swelling. 78252075_XS 5.) Swimming Pools are a gift during pregnancy! Take advantage of them! stock-photo-pregnant-woman-in-the-pool-in-a-striped-swim-suit-114366109 6.) Calm and relaxing music. I can't tell you how mellow I would become with music and I suggest it to all pregnant ladies. 081006093020-large   7.) Yoga and stretching made me feel so amazing. images-57 This is a time in your life that is so special, hard, joyful, scary, and simply surreal, that you shouldn't miss any of it. But when things don't go as planned, sometimes we can let it rob us of the experience. I have had friends on bed rest, or have false reading on tests that caused them to panic, or early contractions. I think the important thing to remember... Take care of you and baby. Find that relaxing place...and don't be worried about letting others take care of you. They are so worth it! XO, Tessa  

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