How I Stay Curvy With HIIT

I get so many questions about staying curvy! There are so many beautiful bodies out there, straight, round, tall, short... And so many different styles of working out. I have done it all! I am a Body Rocker! I found BodyRockTV a couple of years ago and I fell in love. Yet, no matter what I tried, no matter what I ate...I was still curvy! It was hard to see these toned ladies that always looked so perfect at every angle, that I would just get frustrated. Then I decided one day that no matter what, if I was healthy, I was going to love my body...curves and all. I found this way of moving that when done with HIIT has truly changed my LIFE! It all started while I was pregnant. I couldn't do the normal way of working out with a huge belly so I started playing. Then, when I moved and I didn't have a gym for several months, it just accelerated my quest...And this time, I didn't even have a pregnant belly to work around, but I found that the same working out worked!!! [caption id="attachment_28480" align="alignnone" width="300"]This is me driving to the airport on our new adventure to Hawaii! Yet I wouldn't have a gym!! Uh oh. This is me driving to the airport on our new adventure to Hawaii! Yet I wouldn't have a gym!! Uh oh.[/caption] I set my timer and just start moving.  My body feels graceful, long, stretched, worked, and lean! I like the sexy tone that you get from really connecting to every muscle...even the teeny tiny ones in each limb. I am excited to share it with you! What I do is this, take a ten to twenty minute window for HIIT... (BodyRock, Melissa Ioja) and then I start a routine that looks like this leg and butt workout. Combined, I have felt so feminine, toned, and curvy. I've always had curves. And I used to be afraid of them. I was always searching for a body that wasn't mine. But forget about it. I'm not going to be afraid of curves fact, I'm going to embrace them! My stomach still has a bit of skin that folds when I bend body doesn't look cut like those beautiful women I see, but I'm going to be proud of my curves, damn it! Here is my latest twenty minute leg workout and ten minute butt workout. Enjoy the workouts! XO, Tessa  

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