How do you stay healthy during the Holiday Season?

It's December which means it's officially the holiday season and time for all of your favorite  holiday treats. How do you stay healthy during the holiday season? Christmas parties and cookies galore can make a six pack a wee bit flabby, so I have come up with  5 ways to stay away from overindulging during the holiday season. 1. When at a Holiday party, limit yourself to two alcoholic beverages, booze is empty calories that you don't need especially with drinks like "Hard Egg-Nog" and "Spiked Cider" which are full of sugar. And really does anything good ever happen after two drinks? 2.  Start a special holiday workout plan, ask a friend or a co-worker if they would like to workout with you and make a friendly competition. Whoever loses the most weight, or sheds the most inches, or whatever you come up with, wins! Agree on a prize that you both want. 3. What about when you are gifted a box of cookies or chocolates or everyone's favorite fruitcake? How do you stay away from sweets then they are given to you as gifts? Well it is okay to regift gifts you won't use, so give it away. Or portion the servings out and only eat one serving at one sitting. 4. Think positively about yourself. Tell yourself you are fit, strong and in control of your life. If you start a positive internal dialogue with yourself, you will be able to stick with a diet and a workout plan. You can change your whole life with the way you think about yourself. 5. Use others as resources, join a website like The Daily Hiit or another fitness site to keep you motivated. Remember you are not alone everyone is being tempted right now by holiday treats and it's a great way to test you mental strength. I hope these five things help you this holiday season and just remember its ok to say No to holiday sweets and treats.

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