What Being a Stay-at-Home Parent Looks Like, With Pictures

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of moms and dads who identify themselves as stay at home parents. It's challenging, at times chaotic, but ultimately a rewarding experience which can bring a closer bond between you and your child. Here are 5 snapshots of what being a stay at home parent really looks like: What does being a stay-at-home parent mean to you? "It means baby proofing...everything."little girl "It means that a simple art project can quickly turn into a painted dog..." little dog "Being able to homeschool my kids. Giving them exposure to culture." little homeschool "Being a SAHD means grocery shopping with these two as quick as I can." little shopping "Being a SAHM not only means I'm there for every tantrum, but I'm also there to teach him how to enjoy simple things like planting flowers. Memories he'll take with him forever. Oh, and it also means hair roots lol." little sahm Share with us your candid SAHM or SAHD snapshots! Tell us your stay-at-home experiences!

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