Steamy L'Agent Provocateur Ad

The L’Agent AW14 collection advertisement is the third collaboration between the lingerie line L’Agent Provocateur and the Cruz sisters, Penelope and Monica. It’s a steamy fantasy sequence with a parched male model seeing an oasis of scantily clad women instead of water. My mother watched the ad with me, and this was our running commentary: Mom: I hope this is an ad for underwear. Me: Yes mum, that’s what L’Agent Provocateur is, it’s a lingerie line. Me: Yes, the bold prints and vibrant colours, THAT’S what everyone’s focusing on in this ad. Mom: I like the colours.   agentprovoc3 Mom: The dancing’s very good. Me: yeah, Tracy Anderson did the choreography. Mom: Who’s that? Me: Someone famous.   agent4 Mom: Where are they now? Me: They’re still in the desert, they just changed the filter. Mom: Oh. Where did the drums and skipping ropes come from? Me: … and then disappear to?   agentprovoc2 Mom: oh, this is very racially diverse, that’s good, Penelope.   agent Me: He looks very confused. Mom: Kind of rightly so. I'd be confused.   agentprovoc4 Mom: I want her bum.   agentprovoc5 Mom: I hope their sunscreen is waterproof. Me: I think there might be a more efficient way of giving him water.   agent3 Mom: Penelope! You should know better than to litter. (not even kidding, she got genuinely upset that Penelope Cruz littered - THAT was the part of this ad she got flustered about) So, I mock, BUT the ending kind of sells it, and from an advertising standpoint, sex sells, and the ad is pretty engaging, even if it is ridiculous in its sexual overtness, plus my mom is just the cutest to watch racy things with. PS my mom is now humming the music from the ad on repeat. Oh god, what have I done?   *Photos from the Daily Mail 

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