A Step By Step Guide To The Coregasm

Looking for one more good reason to go to the gym? Let the coregasm be it.

Debby Herbinick, sex researcher and author of the new book The Coregasm Workout, says the coregasm is an orgasm experienced by both men and women that is brought about by exercise. Women who have experienced it describe it as less intense than a vaginal orgasm that begins in the abs before heading toward the vagina.

"We don't know how many women are capable of experiencing an orgasm from exercise," says Herbenick, "but we do know that some of the women in our studies started to experience them after following the coregasm program for several weeks—including me."


What is the program and how can you have a coregasm? Herbenick has a step by step guide that will, hopefully, have you adding a little extra bliss to your sweat sessions.

Step One: Get Your Heart Pumping

"Most of the women who experience coregasms start their workout with 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, usually on the elliptical or the treadmill," says Herbenick. And we aren't talking leisurely pace here either. "We've never seen a case of coregasms happening with little to no effort, she says. "It typically occurs after a person has reached what feels like muscular fatigue."

Step Two: Work Those Lower Abs

After your cardio, head straight into an ab workout without taking a break. Herbenick says that research has suggested that cardio activates the sympathetic nervous system which could make you aroused and more likely to orgasm. To engage the muscles at the bottom of your core, try crunches, hanging leg raises, or leg lifts. In her research, she has found these moves to work best although more research is needed to determine why. Herbenick says to make sure you keep up the movement even as you start to get tired.

Step Three: Bring On The Coregasm

You will likely start to notice arousal after your muscles start to quiver and you feel like you can't do another move but keep going for as long as you can, says Herbenick. "Once it feels like it's coming on, you should relax and be receptive to feeling the orgasm without stopping the abs exercise," she says.

What If The Big O Isn't Coming?

If you don't have a coregasm the first time, don't give up on the idea of ever having one. Herbenick says that the stronger your core becomes, the more likely you will be to have one. "I don't want women to feel like this is something they must achieve, but it's a new way to explore your sexuality," says Herbenick.


Look at it this way, your worst case scenario is a killer looking core. Can you really lose giving this one a try?

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