Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Flub Created Drama Out Of Thin Air

For people outside the pageant world, there exists a certain level of mystery. What really goes on behind the scenes? Are the women actually friendly with each other? Is the winner of the congeniality award actually congenial? When you pull back the curtains and take a deeper look do you get Real Housewives style cat fights? Not likely, but it is fun to imagine. Getting to be "First Runner Up" has to hurt a little. When it gets down to two, it is such a tense moment. Both women have survived the night. They did not trip on their gowns or mangle their interview answers. The talent portion went off without a hitch. It all, at that point lies in the hands of the judges. Or, as the 2015 Miss Universe contest saw, in the hands of the host. When announcing the winner on Sunday night, host Steve Harvey, made a tremendous mistake. He announced the winner as Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, when in fact she was the first runner up. Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach, was the rightful winner. Have a look. You can cut the awkwardness with a knife! In an instant, emotions completely reversed for both ladies. But the question we have is, did it have to end this way? When you are down to the final two, both candidates are worthy. It was likely some random, arbitrary factor that pushed Miss Philippines ahead of Miss Colombia. We are certain that is is not how Wurtzbach envisioned winning this pageant. As thrilled as she no doubt is, she probably didn't want to do it like this. And is this really how someone should lose the title? She was thrilled, then instantaneously confused and mortified, all because someone made a mistake! An honest to goodness error. We think that both women should have been allowed to retain the title. Why must there only be one Miss Universe? The Miss Universe winner travels the world doing and promoting good works. We don't see any reason why that role couldn't be enhanced by having two women hold the title. What do you think? Is what happened fair or should both women have been allowed to hold the title? Source: Uproxx

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