STI Myths That Can Mess Up Your Sex Life!

STI (short for sexually transmitted infection) can be a scary word for many people. It can be an even scarier topic to bring up with a partner. Whether you're in a serious relationship or just casually hooking up, this is a critical conversation to have. Here are 3 big STI myths which can be effecting you and your sexual health. Myth #1 "An STI won't happen to me. They only happen to certain kinds of people." In reality, 1 in every 2 people contract an STI by the age of 25. These include scabies, pubic lice, HPV and chlamydia. That number is based only on the amount of cases reported. Hundreds of cases go unreported, either because the infected person doesn't seek medical help or the health care institution has a policy which states they don't have to report it. This means the number of cases could be much, much higher. Myth #2 "I'd know if I had an STI." Actually, the most common symptom of STIs are no symptoms at all. So many people, including your partner, could have one and not even know it! When an STI isn't flaring up or its symptoms are mild, it's still transmittable. Untreated asymptomatic diseases can cause infertility and liver damage, so get checked regularly even if you don't "feel" an infection. Myth #3 "I can't get infected if I have oral and anal sex." Not true! Unprotected anal sex can pose a huge risk factor for STIs. Infections can enter through tiny tears, and can penetrate through mucus membranes in the anus. Genital to mouth infections happen too, so unprotected oral isn't always a safe bet! Have these myths changed your mind about the risks of STIs? Let us know!

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