Does sticking to a diet build self­-confidence?

What does it feel like to stick with a diet? Does sticking to a diet build self­-confidence? There is a reason why some people stick with their diet and others fail. The people that stick with it believe in themselves. We have all had that moment when temptation is starring us in the face and we have to make the choice whether to eat the donut or continue on our diet. When you choose the donut you feel good while you are eating it but right afterward you feel guilty, ashamed and you beat yourself up. When you don't eat the donut you feel a little like "I want that" but that feeling subsides and then you are proud of yourself for abstaining. Does sticking to a diet built self confidence? Well you can work you self-control or will power muscle just like your abs, researchers have found. Nathan Dewall, PhD, assistant professor of social psychology at the University of Kentucky said "With practice your self-control muscle becomes less flabby, so you have the strength to stick with a weight loss or exercise program." I think the more you flex your will power muscle the more you build your self-esteem because you aren't giving in to the craving you used to give into. When you see your results from one week to the next it gives you the will to keep going. I think before and after picture are essential because you see yourself everyday so you may think "this isn't working?! I don't see any results" but if you have photos of yourself you can really see that it is working and you will probably stick with it longer. I currently cut sugar out of my diet. I am being very strict with myself and reading labels and evaporated cane juice is sugar BTW. The first couple days were the hardest and the first night I was craving all sorts of sugary goodness. I made myself a cup of tea instead and it helped with my craving. I continued to do that each night, and by the end of the week my craving for a sugary dessert was gone. I just worked a catering last night and we served brownies for dessert and ended up having a lot left over. They were very tempting to me but I know that having 6-pack abs is more important to me than having a brownie or breaking my no sugar rule. It has taken me years to get to this point, flexing my self-control muscle over and over again so now I don't even notice. So for me sticking with a diet or should I say a healthy lifestyle has built up my self-esteem.

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