Are You Still Cooking With Olive Oil? Read this! (Part 1)

Olive oil has got to be the most popular oil used in the kitchen. It is so very versatile, has a wonderful light taste and is used in many different cultures around the world. Recently, there has been some talk in the media about olive oil and its safety when cooking. This article is meant to expand on buzz around olive oil by explaining what I have learned about the safety of using olive and other oils in the kitchen. This information really changed the way that I thought about food and cooking all together and it will hopefully do the same for you! If you have questions please post them below so that everyone can learn through the queries of others. 2. Olive oil Oil is the very first thing that we put in the pan to start building flavours for our meals and this, at the very basis, needs to be re-evaluated. The Tipping Point: All oils are very sensitive to environmental factors such as light, heat and air. Taking this into consideration, in order for us to get the intended nutritional benefit from these oils we need to ensure that they are protected from such elements. Each type of oil has a specific smoke point, ranging from low to high heat. Simply put, the smoke point, indicates when the oil has been taken past its safety zone and is therefore morphed into rancid oil.  Unfortunately, oils like olive oil have low smoke points and are primarily used for hot applications in cooking and frying, where the oils are damaged, beyond recognition. The resulting compounds, something similar to PLASTIC is foreign to the human body and simply cannot be metabolized. Like all other toxins that we ingest, these place stress on the delicate excretion systems and forces the body to store it because it doesn’t know how to process these harmful compounds. What’s worse is that naturally the body stores toxins in the fat cells, which can cause inflammation, a well-known cause of chronic disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular aliments and the like. Scary stuff right? The oils that you have always trusted isn’t as good for you as you’ve thought and regrettably there is more to the story… Stay tuned for part 2!! Source:

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