Still Feeling Hungry After Dinner? Find Out Why!

This always happens to me. I cook a big meal expecting it will fill me up, but after dinner I get a pang in my stomach that I would eat another plateful! I wonder how this is possible? Turns out there are a number of reasons why you feel that urge to eat more after dinner. #1 Dehydration   Being dehydrated can cause a feeling similar to hunger. Often times we become dehydrated without even knowing, so it is important to consistently drink water throughout the day. #2 Skipping Breakfast   Breakfast IS after all the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy, protein packed breakfast ensures you will have energy and not feel extra hungry later on. #3 Not Eating Your Veggies   Having a big meal of fried, greasy food may make you feel sluggish and crave more food afterwards. But a meal with a balance of kale, collard greens, spinach and swiss chard will fill you with folate - a nutrient that fights fatigue. #4 Soft Drinks   The sugar in soft drinks can trick your brain by reducing blood flow to it's appetite regulating centre. This leaves your body thinking it needs more food. Skipping soft drinks at meals, and cutting them out of your diet all together is highly beneficial for your health. Make these simple adjustments to keep feeling satisfied longer - they are easy to implement into your routine and it will keep your diet on track.

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