Still haven't gotten around to trying yoga? Well yoga makes sex better!

Do you really need another reason? For starters, yoga makes you more flexible - enough said there! I practice yoga almost daily and some of the comments I get from people are pretty funny. I even had one man say to me at the gym - you must have a pretty great extra curricular life with all those crazy yoga poses you can do. Having open and flexible hips, groin and lower back certainly allows for more fun positions in bed. Yoga lowers stress and anxiety levels, which also means you'll be in the mood more often. Have a lower libido than you would like? Yoga can help. It also helps you build body awareness in a way that can elevate arousal levels. You might just find yourself thinking and wanting sex a lot more often. Yoga brings blood flow to the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles with the practice of the breathing and the bandas. Know what this does? Gives you stronger orgasms!!! Great sex begins with deep relaxation, which pools blood in the center of the body where it's available to the genitals, instead of being transported to the limbs, which happens when people feel stressed (the fight-or-flight response). As deep relaxation becomes sexual arousal, the arteries that carry blood into the genitals open, and extra blood flows into the penis and vaginal wall. In men, this extra blood produces erection, in women, vaginal lubrication and increased clitoral sensitivity. Various studies have shown that yoga reduces levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and elevates mood. Palo Alto, California, sex therapist Marty Klein, Ph.D, recommends yoga: "Stress contributes to sex problems and sex problems cause stress. This can become a vicious cycle. Yoga reduces anxiety, so it enhances sex and helps prevent and treat sex problems." So if you have been putting off trying that yoga class, you might want to reconsider and get started today. And any of you yogis out there - would you say yoga has helped your sex life? Reposted From: Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page or check out more from me on my blog at      

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