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Stop Being Disappointed in Your Body and Start Making Changes

It’s a sad truth, but not many people are truly happy with their body. There are some people who are happy with their body, but with the way society is today, most people just aren’t. It’s hard to meet someone who loves their whole reflection in the mirror. It’s easy to assume that celebrities and other stars are those small amount of people who love their body. That is far from the truth. Just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they love their body. In fact, most of them are just like most of us. inpost It’s not just women who tend to hate their appearance. It’s also not just those who are overweight. To some degree, the majority of people feel their body isn’t good enough. [bctt tweet="Stop Being Disappointed in Your Body and Start Making Changes"] Beauty May Come Off as Impossible When Photoshop started, things started to become worse with body image. There were images being touched up that look incredibly real, and it is still happening to this day. The  girl with a flat belly and no stretch marks at all? How realistic can this be? Photoshop is an amazing tool and it can make anyone look completely different. Photoshop now has women, and even sometimes men thinking, “How come I can’t look like that?” inpost The rejection of our own body image is getting worse because the billboards and companies are using photoshopped images. Most of us think that we have to look like that. What we all need to realize is that perfection doesn’t exist. Every single person has something that they wish they could change. The struggle is real and we need to bring awareness about this very topic, especially to the younger generations so they don’t follow in our footsteps. Do we want our children growing up thinking they have to have a flat belly, no stretch marks at all, not one sign of cellulite, a thigh gap, etc.? It’s no wonder that beauty seems impossible for many people. We keep seeing “FAKE” people in the big billboards and in our favorite magazines. This Isn’t Meant to Attack Photoshop This isn’t being put out there to shame Photoshop. It’s not Photoshop’s fault this is happening. Yes, it is the use of Photoshop, but it’s not the product’s fault. This also isn’t meant to attack companies and magazines. At the end of each day, at the end of a magazine, at the end of a commercial, nobody forces us to feel inferior to our own body. The best thing we can do is change our way of thinking. We have the right to look at a Photoshopped image and still cherish our body, because it is real. Defining Self-Worth We don’t have to look perfect in the eyes of society to treat our bodies with kindness. As a human being, we have the obligation to bring our own body self-love and to defend it. Nobody else will play that part for us. Unfortunately, it’s the opposite – we may be told we aren’t beautiful, we may be told we aren’t good enough. However, we need to realize this isn’t the truth. We are beautiful and we ARE good enough. inpost The Cycles of Goals: Start Making Changes How many goals have you set for yourself? How many times have you fell through with them? How many of those goals did you stop because you had the mindset that you weren’t good enough anyways? There are ways you can fight this vicious cycle. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as failures when a goal is not met. For example, you were supposed to walk 3 miles today, but you only got half a mile in – you instantly think, “I am such a failure.” Instead, you should think – “I still got up and moved. I am better than I was before I started.” When you change your mindset, your small setbacks won’t last long and you will be able to continue your journey faster. Know that “failing” can happen to anyone. It’s when you get right back up and do it again that matters. If you sign up for Sweatflix℠, you will not only have hundreds of workouts at your finger tips, you will also have the full support of a like-minded community. Join millions of BodyRockers, who just like you, are trying to live the fittest, healthiest life possible! Start your free trial today! 


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