Stop Eating Tilapia Before It Is Too Late

Who doesn't love tilapia? It is inexpensive. It is boneless and easy to cook. And the best part, for those who aren't really so big on eating fish, it doesn't taste like fish! Only trouble is, tilapia may be doing damage to your health! The tilapia found in supermarkets and in restaurants is cultivated tilapia. This means that what you are eating is not fresh, wild tilapia that exists on a diet of algae and plants, but factory farm raised tilapia that is fed GMO corn and soy pellets. Doesn't sound very healthy! Farm raised tilapia has been shown to aggravate certain health conditions like asthma, joint inflammation, and coronary disease. Also, farm raised fish can contain up to 10 times the amount of cancer causing agents found in wild fish. This may be because farmed fish contain higher amounts of pesticides. Pesticides are used to treat infections in the fish during farming and it remains in their bodies long after they are harvested. tilapia Another concern is the fact that farmed fish contain a high level of dioxin. Dioxin is lethal and once in your body, it can take up to a decade to leave it. The levels found in farmed fish are 11 times higher than wild fish. If these health risks aren't enough to stop you, the fact that farmed tilapia isn't as nutritious as the wild variety might be enough to do it. The farmed version contains less protein! One of the reasons to eat fish is for protein! Farmed fish can also throw the omega fatty acid balances out of whack. They often contain more omega-6 than omega-3 and when that happens, there could be adverse reactions in the body. And finally, did you know that chicken poop is one of the main ingredients in the fish food at fish farms? You do now! Sounds delicious, right? Is this information enough to make you reconsider tilapia as your go-to fish? Source: Danified

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