Stop Fearing The Scale! Why You Should Weigh-In Daily

Admittedly, I'm reluctant when it comes to weighing myself. I believe it stems from all those times I've felt really good about my weight and the way my body looks, only to step on the scale and see I'm up 5 pounds. But many weight loss experts think forgoing your weigh-ins is a bad thing.   "A scale should be as important as your toothbrush," says David Levitsky, PhD, a professor of nutrition and psychology at Cornell. A recent study by Levitsky has concluded that people who track their weight daily are far more likely to maintain a healthy, consistent weight. The scale can be a great source of motivation, not intimidation. fear of scale "If you're gaining weight, you'll see it and do something. It acts as a form of positive or negative reinforcement." explains Levitsky, adding, "Weighing yourself daily may give you the strength to resist when you're constantly surrounded by food cues." According to the study, people who weighed themselves first and then watched a commercial for food were far less likely to crave that food (let alone eat it). If you're planning to jump back on the bathroom scale now, take a few words of caution. Some factors like bloating and even drinking water can impact your exact weight calculation, so don't obsess if you've 'gained' a pound or two. The scale is a tool to help you, but it does not define you. Ultimately you should be able to see the success of your hard work by just looking in the mirror. What are your tips for keeping track of your weight loss progress? Source: CNN  

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