Stop Letting Your Emotional Wellbeing Take a Back Seat to Your Appearance

Leg day, ab day, cardio day. Yoga class, spin class, kickboxing class. We like to exercise. We like to go to the gym. We love workout classes. We also love to eat well. Gone are the days of artificial sweeteners and in are the juice cleanses, coconut water craze, kale everything, superfood fuel, and gluten-free foods. We spend a lot of time working on our outer appearance by being as healthy as we can possibly be, so why wouldn't we spend just as much time working on our mental state as well? It seems our society has gone mad for food and workout trends in hopes to better ourselves, yet we leave our emotional wellbeing by the wayside. And then we wonder why we feel so unbalanced despite the fact that we're keeping it as clean as can be. mental state We need to take care of all parts of ourselves. While eating well and exercising often are two surefire ways to create a positive healthy lifestyle, there's a big problem with how we go about it. We're simply obsessed. And sometimes we even use these obsessions to make personal issues we've been brushing off for quite some time. Here are three ways you may not be balancing yourself as well as you think.
  1. You spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, but refuse to pay for therapy.
You've buried some personal issues beneath the surface, but they keep coming out in unfortunate ways. You've been referred to therapy as a healthy outlet and chance to truly talk it out with a professional, yet your response is always that "It's too expensive." Yes, it can cost a pretty penny, but it's also important to deal with some deep-seated issues that could continue to affect you in harmful ways in the long run. 2. You're too caught up in materialism. When an emotional issue comes to your mind, rather than confronting it, you find other ways to make yourself feel better. You doll yourself up with makeup, you go on a shopping spree, and you get a Brazilian blowout. But those are all superficial fixes that will only make you feel good momentarily. 3. You flush out the toxins, but not all of them. So you spent the last month eating and drinking until it left you crying on the bathroom floor one night, disgusted with your appearance and how it made you feel. Then it hits you: a juice cleanse will cure it all. But what you're forgetting is that, while a cleanse is good for your liver, per say, you also need to focus on the other toxins stirring around, like stress, anxiety, lack of control, etc. Do you find that you've been focusing too much on your outer appearance as a way to ignore your emotions? Source: Elite Daily Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_109236" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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