Stop Mosquito Bites! What Works and What Doesn't On Pesky Pests

If the threat of mosquitoes is driving you indoors this summer, this is your guide to tackling those thirsty blood-suckers once and for all! Here are the Do's and Don'ts of mosquitoes: Do's:
  • Avoid Peak Hours: Mosquitoes come out heavily at dawn and dusk. Being outside at these times is a recipe for getting bitten, so schedule your barbecue for before the sun goes down.
  • Wear The Right Colours: In the daytime, mosquitoes use their vision to seek out food. Light, pastel colours are best because they don't stand out to a bug's eye. Darker colours are to be avoided in the prime sun hours.
  • Watch Your Pulse: An elevated heart rate can attract more pests. The higher your heart rate, the more CO2 you produce and that is a magnet for bites. Exercising and drinking booze are both common outdoor summer activities, and can get your heart pounding.
  • Wear Protectant: It may be a chemical-strength protectant like DEET, or a natural alternative, but keep yourself covered with what works for you.
  • Cover Yourself In Mouthwash: It's true that ingredients found in mouthwash can be found in some bug repellents, but Listerine will not provide you the same protection.
  • Buy Wearable DEET Accessories: These are not effective because DEET should be applied directly to your skin. A DEET wristband or anklet isn't a good source of protection at all.
  • Buy Citronella Candles: They only work if they are very close to you, which could be dangerous. Even at that proximity, they are fairly lousy repellers.
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