How To Stop This Secret Food Ingredient From Worsening Your Health

Doctors are discovering that a lot of chronic health problems are initiated and aggravated by an imbalance in your gut. If the food you're eating is not agreeing with your digestive system, this could be why you are developing certain conditions from skin rashes to breathing issues. A secret ingredient in many foods could be the main culprit in causing an imbalanced gut. This one substance has been linked to chronic joint pain, mental fogginess, infections, fatigue, skin issues, bloating, constipation and headaches. But it's often hidden so you don't know how much you're consuming. Can you guess it? It's yeast! Yeast, in excess, can stress your healthy milieu and microflora that hang out in your intestines. So how do prevent an overdose of sneaky yeast from harming your internals? yeast 1. Knock out the worst offenders from your diet, like baked goods and breads, beer, cheese and meats that contain antibiotics. 2. Say goodbye to sugar, because it aggravates all yeast-related reactions. 3. Bring in natural yeast-busting agents to regulate your digestive tract! Garlic, oregano oil, citrus seed extract, caprylic acid, and undecylenic acid are the most effective. 4. Get friendly with probiotics fiber, as they contribute to maintaining healthy milieu and mircoflora. Look for quality probiotic sources and fiber from nuts, seeds and beans. Balancing your yeast levels and keeping you gut happy is the best way to cure your body! What tips do you have for banishing yeast and staying healthy?  

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