The Story of One Sugar Addicted New Mom's Struggle To Lose Weight

I'm sure many women can relate to the tormenting lure of sugar. The cravings for chocolate ice cream, the temptation of a box of powdered donuts. For writer Prachi Bhuchar, her love/hate relationship with the sweet stuff has made shedding her post-baby pounds a challenge. After she gave birth to her baby daughter, Prachi assumed losing weight was going to be a cake walk (erm, no pun intended). "As I stepped on the scale three days after the delivery, I was almost [8 pounds] lighter and so I guffawed and thought... don't know why they make sure a fuss about losing post baby fat and flab." she explains. But after realizing there was more to losing weight than simply not carrying a baby in her belly, Prachi was shocked to find that after a month of sleepless nights with her new bundle of joy, that she actually gained 11 pounds more. "You hate yourself for looking and feeling the way you do but are loathe to start trying to shrug it off because it is so damn comfortable." she explains. Now that her daughter is 18 months, Prachi has been attempting to lose weight by cutting out sugar that she had grown accustomed to binging on during her pregnancy. The battle has been a losing one, as every so often she finds herself indulging. So how can someone who crashes and craves sweets officially cut sugar from their diet? Studies show it is no easy task, but can be done. Eating frequent small meals can prevent a drop in blood sugar which makes you feign for those donuts. Starting your day with a breakfast rich in phytonutrients and protein will make you less likely to crave a boost of sugar later on. And finally, staying hydrated with plenty of water can trick your body into not needing cookies or candy. And as for Prachi? "I wistfully think of hot chocolate fudge that I must snub and the social outings where I must decline dessert and wonder if I should just cave in." the new mom explains. "Then I look at a dress hanging in my cupboard and harden my heart. Sure, it feels like I just broke up with someone really special but I am sure the results will be sweet." Can you relate? Share your tips for losing baby weight and cutting sugar!  

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