Strange But True Fitness Tips #18: Kick Up the Tempo

Listening to music as you workout is a pretty common practice, but did you know that the tempo of your music affects the intensity of your workout? A study was conducted in Britain, involving music and stationary cyclists. When the music was slowed down by about 10%, the cyclists moved more slowly. When the music was sped up the same 10%, the cyclists not only covered more distance, but they pedaled with more force. Of course, it has to be music that you enjoy! One writer for Esquire found that listening to fast music actually decreased his overall workout performance by up to 6%. A study published in the Journals of Strength and Conditioning Research found that those who listened to music felt more fatigued and tense than their counterparts who did not listen to music. It's worth trying listening to up-tempo music if you want to work harder, and you may find that it will work for you. Check out our scientifically proven workout playlist… Source: Esquire  

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