Strange But True Fitness Tips #11: Shout to Make Your Workout More Effective

We all make noise when we work out. Those grunts and groans of effort may be annoying, but they help us to push harder when we're fading. So imagine what would happen if you shouted as you worked out! One fitness program, named IntenSati, has practitioners shout out phrases of encouragement while they push themselves in their workout. They shout things like "I am strong!" and "I can do this!" during their workouts, which combine Yoga postures, martial arts movements, dance steps, and interval training. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="701"] Source:[/caption] The purpose of shouting: to alter practitioners' mental attitudes toward their training. By shouting the positive affirmations, they feel positive about their abilities to get through the workout. It helps to boost motivation and helps them push harder. As a bonus, it takes their mind off the pain or fatigue they are feeling as they do the workout.  So next time you feel yourself running out of steam, start shouting out positive affirmations as you work out. Just be prepared for some raised eyebrows!  
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