Strange But True Fitness Tips #14: Drink Chocolate Milk to be a Better Athlete

Who doesn't love a nice, cold glass of chocolate milk? Most of us may scoff and say, "that's for kids!" but the truth is that we secretly love chocolate milk. As a fitness bad-ass, it turns out that chocolate milk is something to add back into your life, no matter how old you are! A study conducted at Indiana University found that athletes who drank chocolate milk were better able to blast through their workouts. Participants drank chocolate milk after their first workout of the day, and when it came time to do their second workout, they were able to push harder and work longer without fatiguing. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Source:[/caption] A study done at the University of Texas discovered that drinking chocolate milk can help to improve race times, meaning it can give a boost to your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It's believed that the antioxidants, calcium, and protein in the chocolate milk help to speed up post-workout recovery. For the healthiest option, use dark chocolate (cocoa) and add vanilla instead of sugar.  
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