Strange But True Fitness Tips #19: Have a Workout Slushy

Very few of us would equate a slushy drink like ICEEs or Slurpees with weight loss and health, but could it be that drinking these slushies can actually help you to work harder? A study conducted in Australia discovered that drinking a slushy before working out in hot weather actually helped athletes to increase their speed by up to 19%. If you think about that, that's a pretty big boost of speed just from drinking something cold and sweet! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source:[/caption] It's believed that a freezing drink helps to lower your core temperature, preventing your body from overheating. The longer it takes for your body to heat up, the slower your body depletes the energy it has stored and the more you stave off exhaustion. Of course, slushies are LOADED with sugar, so they may not be the best choice of workout drink. You can freeze watered-down orange juice, lemon juice in water, or even a natural homemade fruit popsicle, and have them handy during your workout. Staying cool can help you work harder, so it's time to beat the heat!  
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