Strange But True Fitness Tips #20: Slow Down to Run Faster

This definitely sounds counterintuitive, and the truth is that you will NOT run faster by slowing down your pace. What you will do, however, is improve your posture, stride, and gait, which will in the long run allow you to run much faster. Many newbies to running simply put on their shoes and jog out the front door. They don't pay any attention to their form, pronation, or stride. They can run without any problems, but they never truly learn how to run properly in order to maximize energy output or reduce injury. They end up with strained muscles and joints simply because they didn't learn to run properly. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="744"] Source:[/caption] Before you try to pick up the pace of your runs, slow down and learn to run with the right form, posture, stride, and pronation. Pay special attention to your entire body with each step. A study conducted at the University of Ottawa discovered that successful runners paid closer attention to their form. Learn to listen to your body as you run slowly, and it will be much easier to pick up the pace!  
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