Strange But True Fitness Tips #3: Workout with Red

No doubt you often feel tired or lazy when it comes time to hit the gym for your workout, but hold off on that cup of coffee! If you want to have more energy, why not try working out with a bit of red? The color red is warm and vibrant, and it is an energizing color. You'll find that it may not only excite your emotions, but it can actually move you to action! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Source:[/caption] It's time to break out the red paint and slap a coat onto the walls of your home gym! Not only will it motivate you to do more exercise, but it will actually trick your mind into thinking that the room is warm. On those cold winter months, it's a great refuge to flee to if you need to get warm. Did you know that you react faster and more forcefully when you see red? It's much easier to push yourself through your workout when you've got a lot of red in your field of vision, so wear a red T-shirt to get through those lazy days!  
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