Strange But True Fitness Tips #5: Salt Your Footwear

There are few things that smell as bad as a pair of well-used running shoes. After running for hours every week, the lining of the shoes are soaked with sweat. The musty, used smell of running shoes can be highly unappealing. Many people opt to purchase shoe deodorizing cushions, baby powder, or talcum powder to use as an odor-killer. However, one of the best odor-killers is something you can find in your own kitchen. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="680"] Source:[/caption] Simple table salt helps to eliminate odors, and you'll find that it will work wonders to get rid of the foul smell in your shoes. Simply sprinkle some salt into the shoe, making sure to pour in enough to cover the shoe thoroughly. Let the shoe sit overnight, and shake out the salt in the morning. How does it work? Simple: the grains of salt pull the moisture (sweat) from the shoes, reducing the risk that bacteria will feed on that moisture and reproduce (the source of the bad smell). Just make sure to shake out the salt, as running on grains of salt can be VERY painful!  
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