Strange But True Fitness Tips #6: Twist Your Running Shoes

How can you know when your running shoes are on their last legs? (yes, pun intended) Instead of waiting for holes to appear around the toes, you can use a simple twist test to see if they are in need of replacement. Grab your shoes at each end and twist. If the shoes twist, it means that the outsoles (the bottom of the shoes) have been worn down too far. Running on worn-out shoes increases your risk of injury. You can actually wear out your joints more quickly, as incorrect posture and stride can lead to strain on your joints. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="563"] Source:[/caption] Another good way to test your running shoes: roll them up. Start at the toe of the shoe, and try to roll it up into a ball at the heel. If your shoes bend too much, the midfoot support may be worn out. It's always best to replace your shoes after 6 to 9 months of regular use. New running shoes can help you improve your runs and reduce your risk of injuries.  
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