Strange But True Fitness Tips #7: Work Out Alone

You'll find that many people will tell you to bring a buddy along to the gym, especially if you're struggling to find the motivation to get to the workout in the first place. However, this may be a BIG mistake! One psychologist [1] at New York City's Columbia University Medical Center says that working out with friends makes you more likely to talk instead of working out. Even if you do work out, you usually get through the routine more slowly and reducing intensity.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="618"] Source:[/caption] If you've ever worked out with a buddy, you know how much time you can spend re-racking weights, spotting your friend, or weighting for him/her to complete their set with the weights or machine you need to use. However, we're not just talking about weightlifting, but also cardio training. If you run, jog, or cycle with someone else, you're more likely to match their pace. If they train at a slower pace, you don't get the quality workout. If they train at a faster pace, your trying to match them can lead to injuries. Workout out at the gym can be a good bonding experience, but you should try to get through your workout alone!  
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