Strange But True Fitness Tips #9: Shush Your Friends

It's very important to breathe when you work out, but did you know that the way you breathe makes a huge difference in your workout? Many people opt to breathe in through their mouths and out their noses, but this could actually be the wrong way to breathe. Instead, try inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. As you are expelling the air, say "Sshh" as hard as you can. If you do it now, you'll feel your abdomen and diaphragm muscles contracting. Contracting these muscles by saying "Sshh" is a great way to stabilize your core, which will reduce the risk of injury as you lift.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="673"] Source:[/caption] This is one of the best tips to help improve your core stabilization during tough exercises like squats, plank movements, push-ups, and Pilates and Yoga movements. It's important to activate the secondary breathing muscles--located in your neck--as that will help your primary breathing muscles--located in your abdomen--to function more effectively. Using this breathing technique helps to increase oxygen uptake, boosts muscular strength, reduces the tension and strain on your neck, and helps to tone your abs.  
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