Strangers Kissing Video Sparks Onslaught of Parodies

So I previously did an article about the "Strangers Kissing" video, and how I was pretty bummed out to find out that it was actually an ad for a the clothing company WREN Studio. Meaning that the participants were attractive models and actors told to kiss on camera, which isn't really the same thing as picking up strangers off the street. BUT IT'S OK! Because after the video's success, so many people decided to make their version, tweaking little aspects to make it hilarious. College Humor has made my favourite one so far. Strangers eating sandwiches for the first time hilariously does a great job of getting attractive people to giggle and nuzzle sandwiches before just going right into it. It is also an accurate representation of how I feel about sandwiches. "You have beautiful rye." Genius. Then Jimmy Fallon stepped it up and did one with puppies and kitties, because of course you should. That sounds freaking adorable. And there are these guys that took an awkward act like a handjob and mixed the concept into their parody. If you are like me however, you still kinda wanted to see what actual strangers kissing would look like. Well none other than the great people at VICE took that challenge. They also removed the cute music and the black and white stylized cinematography. Yeah, not so pretty eh? What's great about all these videos is that it shows that people are still willing to call "bullshit" on cute manufactured moments by companies. Making these videos creates enjoyment and pokes fun at the marketing strategy that was trying to subliminally inspire us to be drawn towards a Fall line. It's kind of a "we know what you were trying there WREN, you know what we think of your attempt at pulling heartstrings? Puppies and kittens. That's what."

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