Strength & Tone & Sweat HIIT

Hi BodyRockers, This was my HIIT Workout today. I skipped between each set below to really push myself harder. This is a killer & will kick your workout on it’s head & get you ready for anything that may come your way today. I used my Sandbag, Challenger>/a> & My BodyRock Blocks . Are you signed up to the New Challenge Yet ? Sign up here: [video width="600" height="220" mp4=""][/video] . Workout Breakdown: Set Your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds Work with a 10 Second Rest. Complete the following circuit 2 x through. Complete as many rep’s of the following exercise’s before the 50 seconds is up. Todays Workout: 1. Over Head Abs **Skip** (50 seconds) 2. Bicep Curl **Skip** 3. Oblique Side Crunch - L&R **Skip** 4. Triceps **Skip** 5. Elevated Side Plank - Left **Skip** 6. Chest Press & Bike Legs **Skip** 7. Elevated Side Plank - Right **Skip** 8. Half Burpee Upright Row **Skip** 9. Squat & Press **Skip** 10. Cross Push-Ups **Skip** 11. Flys **Skip** 12. Lunge & Twist - (Alternate L&R) **Skip** 13. Reverse Pull Ups **Skip** 14. Reverse Curls & Touch Toe Abs **Skip** 15. Reverse Shoulder Sequence **Skip** 16. Bent-over Row **Skip** 17. Clean & Press   **BEEP BEEP BEEP** – You did it … I knew you would. Post Your scores below as a reminder of how far YOU have come today !! .

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