How to Strengthen Weak Wrists

My wrists have always been my weakest link, so to speak. Since I injured them (one at age 7, the other at age 12), they've been the thing stopping me from building strength effectively. Every time I curl, bench press, or pull-up, they ache. If you've got wrist problems like me, it's important to pay special attention to your wrists during your workout. Set aside at least 20 minutes per week when you work out your forearms and wrists. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="488"] Source:[/caption] Here are some warmups/exercises to help you strengthen your weak wrists: Eccentric Wrist Curls -- Grab two dumbbells or a barbell and place your forearms on a bench, with your hands hanging off the end. Instead of focusing on the curl, focus on slowly lowering the weight--using a 5-count to lower. This can help to strengthen and lengthen the muscles in your wrists, reducing wrist pain. Wrist Circles -- Hold your fists out in front of you and turn your wrists in slow circles. Really feel the movement, and focus on complete circles. Ball Squeeze -- Grip a rubber ball between your fingers and your palm--leaving your thumb inactive. Squeeze as tight as possible, repeating for 10 to 15 1-second reps. Farmer's Walk -- Grab mildly heavy dumbbells or kettlebells and walk slowly around the room for 1 minute. Your arms should be burning by the end! Use wrist braces to support your wrists as you lift, and pay attention to your form to ensure you're not damaging your wrists further with your workouts!   Featured Image Source:

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