Strengthen Your Whole Body With This Killer Flow Workout!

Do you love the freedom you feel while dancing? Do you love the calm you get while practicing yoga? Dance and yoga both employ fluid motions to take you from one move to the next. Marlo Fisken, a trainer and professional dancer, struggled to find a workout routine that combined these elements and so she created Flow Movement. These creative moves will work your entire body, including those hard to reach places, and improve your mobility and flexibility at the same time! The only real piece of equipment you need is something we all have: a floor. “When you move across the floor—rolling, changing positions, getting up and down—you force your deepest core muscles to engage,” Fisken explains. Here are 5 moves created by Fisken. Some of them may feel foreign at first, but don't be afraid to just go with it and get a little lost. Make these exercises your own. How it works: Do each of the following 5 movements in order, trying to connect them seamlessly. Complete the sequence 2 to 3 times. Because these exercises are not focused on muscle burn-out, you can do the sequence 3-7 times -- and before or after your other workouts if you wish. Once you've got the hang of the moves, feel free to mix it up. Like we said before, make it your own.

1. Leg Swing Bridge

Lie faceup with knees bent, feet flat, and arms extended slightly below shoulder height with palms down to start. Tip both knees to the left, keeping shoulders and toes grounded, and swing right leg around and just above left hand. With momentum, swing right leg back to start, then press hips up so body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Lower to start. Switch sides; repeat. Recommended reps: 8-10

2. Crab Rock

A Sit with knees bent, feet flat and hip-width apart, and palms on floor next to hips. Press into palms to lift hips so that body comes into a tabletop. Shift weight into left hand and stack right shoulder over left to start. Keep hips higher than thighs and rock forward until heels lift. B Then rock back until toes lift, driving hips higher. Switch sides; repeat. Recommended reps: 8-10

3. Butt Spin

Sit on floor with legs forward and bent slightly to the right, hands on floor by hips. Lift both legs and (temporarily picking up left palm out of the way) powerfully swing them to the left, leaning forward as they come directly behind you. Then fluidly split legs to bend left knee as you reach left toes toward right elbow, bending arms deeper. Quickly push off floor and join legs to spin on butt to other side. Recommended reps: 6-8

4. Shoulder Stand V-Up

A Sit with legs together and long, arms by sides. Rock back onto shoulder blades, bringing arms onto floor over head and squeezing glutes to lift legs up and slightly back. Reverse move, rising to sitting position on tailbone with legs extended, arms reaching up, and thumbs pressed together behind head Recommended reps: 8-10

5. V-Leg Whip

A Stand with feet hip-width apart and fold forward to plant hands on floor in front of feet so body forms an inverted V (downward dog). Lift left leg back and up in line with hip to start. Keeping leg straight, make a big circle toward left shoulder. Switch direction of circle and repeat. Switch sides; repeat. Recommended reps: 4-6 Does this look like something you'll try? Share your thoughts. For a years worth of workouts, check out Sweatflix℠! With this service you can get all your favorite BodyRock workouts any time, any place you want them! With new and exclusive content added all the time, you'll never be bored again! Source: Shape  

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